I am Joe’s surviving his roommate’s mom…

So I had just woken up when I saw Mike pull up with his mom (I guess he had tried calling me, but my cell had died.) So I hastily tried to clean up and put some clothes on so I could greet them. Mrs. Greenberg is quite a mother; not crazy like my mom or Suzanne’s, but still crazy. I guess that everybody’s parents drives them crazy to some extent. Anyway, we showed her the house and she showed pictures from her trip to Korea, which made me homesick. Don’t know if homesick is the word, but I would love to go back to Korea for a visit or something.
Found out that Michael’s grandfather was an artist and he did all of the pictures that Mike has. Also found out that Mrs. Greenberg expects her son to come back home after graduating from S. F. State. (very familiar). I can see how see could drive Mike crazy, but isn’t that the job of every mom?
So Mike goes of camping later today. Meanwhile, I think that I am going to jump back into the blankets for a bit cause I am cold. I’m hoping that leaving the computer on for awhile will warm up the room a bit. Was trying to read Jew vs. Jew, but it was too complex for me. I think that I need a Jew for dummies book first.
Anyway, after I get a bit warmed up, I will clean the entire house; I have a lot of thinking to do about the myself and my future and I should be able to work things out in my head while cleaning.
Current mood: amused
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