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Making a live style change is never an easy thing. My lifestyle change (or one of them anyway) is that I need to live simpler, i.e. less spending, more saving. I have been wanting to go to Krispy Kreme for a week now and just gorge myself on doughnuts. Columbia House was a bad idea, has was shopping @ Walmartlast night. And then there is me eating out. blah….I’ve been able to cut back in spurts, but usually something will happen and I just start to spend. I really don’t have a choice, I guess, since next month the bills start coming in. I have a little money saved up, but it is eating a proverbial hole in the pocket. For example, there is this furniture clearance sale that happened today and continues tomorrow. I went looking for chairs (didn’t find any) and most of the stuff there was just junk. However, there was a Mahogany Queen Bed Frame for $188. It looks like a good deal (and sturdier than the stuff @ Ikea). The question is, do I really need a frame for my bed, or can I “live simply” without it. If I did get it, I would be raised up off the floor where it is warmer. I would also had room underneath my bed to organize my belongings (i.e. hide junk and dirty clothes). Or should I just comb craigslistor Ebayfor something cheaper not too dinged up. That is something that I will agonize and torture myself over tonight while I sleep.
Speaking of Ebay, I really need to make an auction for the stuff that I have. There is a Microsoft Phone, MS Sidewinder Joystick and Gamepad (both are the old, non-USB ones), and Mike has an old VCR. Maybe it would be better to put an ad in Craigslist? Something else to debate over.
I did find a furniture store on my way home today that have nice chairs for cheap. $26 for a nice, solid wooden chair. Will probably have to buy seat cushions for them but will tackle that problem later. Need to decide if I should buy 2 or 4. Honestly, Mike is probably the one who will use the table the most, has I am use to eating in my room. But if we have guess, then 4 chairs would be nice. Hmm. I will think about that too, but I believe that I will be getting 4 chairs…
Then there is Dad’s Father’s Day/Birthday present. I really want to get him a PalmPilot. But which one and how much will I pay. Have been so tempted to do this deal so that I can get one too. But the price is a little more than I want to pay. I’ll have to get something cheaper.
Then there is the family reunion next month. Flying there would cost me $250, which is really good. But do I spend the money or do I save it. I would really like to go and see my Dad’s side of the family. But can I really afford to go, or should I be saving up the money.
What else? Need to work on editing pictures from Susanville. Will just have the computer auto adjust the levels and contrast and fix red eye and blotches. That’s about the extent of my Photoshopexperience. Should also work on a design for a web site. I paid a shit load of money for space and I’ve barely touched it. Need to e-mail Dreamhostand downgrade my service.
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