I am Joe’s Friday Night…

Finish taking a shower and I feel really good now. Going to head to the ballpark to pick up Suzanne. It’s almost the middle of the 8th and I should get there by the top of the 9th.
Did some laundry, but will probably do more tomorrow at Suzanne’s when I take her and her mom home. (We are picking her mom up from the airport).
What else? Got more cards and presents from people. Got a card from my cousin Denise today. Also got a card and a present from Mary (The Simpsons 1st Season DVD). So there should be one more card from Solano coming and that should be it. I need to take a picture of my graduation shrine tomorrow. I wonder how long I should leave it up. I think that I will wait until the actual diploma comes and then take it down soon after that. Damn…I also need to order pictures tomorrow. That’ll set me back $100. And I need to pay JCPenny’s **sigh** This will be the last paycheck that I have extra money after the bills. Next month, things will start to be tight. I hope that I haven’t extended myself too far, budget wise with the car and everything. We’ll see, I guess.
O.K. time to got wait for the girlfriend.
Current mood: clean
Current music: U2 – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

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