I am Joe’s Weekend – part 2

So after Fry’s, I head back to the freeway and I notice that Hwy 80 is just packed (it is 3pm by the way). So I decide to head up Hwy 99 to Chico and then cut across the mountains to Susanville.
Overall it was a good drive, if a long one. It took about 2-3 hours to get up to Chico. The only problem was an accident somewhere in the middle of the trip. It’s a 2 lane road where the accident happened, so they are letting traffic go a little at a time one way. Anyway, there is this old couple in a Mercedes behind me and the guy driving is just yelling at me cause I am not going. He tried to pass me and almost gets hit, and starts yelling at me again. I know he is yelling at me cause he is pointing at me. And his ugly ass wife with her feet kicked on the dash is yelling at me too. Her socks were so dirty, like, “Bitch, wash them dirty socks and shoes.” Eventually, getting to Chico, I was able to turn onto Hwy. 36 and cut across to Susanville. All there is out there is rocks and more rocks. There were farms scattered about, but I couldn’t understand how they could go anything cause all there were was rocks and more rocks. Well, I stopped at this vista point to call Lesa and to call Suzanne. There were two cars there with 2 guys and a girl. The girl was sprawled out on the lookout point with her flab hanging out of her tube top. The two guys were talking and giving me hard looks has I walked around. “Uh, like I ain’t looking at you fat beached whale of a girl and I’m not looking to steal your beat up mustang.” Anyway, after rocks for an hour, it turned to trees and forest and I drove into Susanville around 7pm.
Current mood: tired
Current music: Natalie Merchant – Kind And Generous

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