I am Joe’s weekend – part 1

Started the trip by heading out on Hwy. 1 up to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was such a beautiful day, so I decided to stop by and take some pics. I stayed for 30 min. just being a tourist and looking out at the beautiful bay. Then I hop into my car and headed north for Susanville. On the way I was passing by my old community college and decided to stop by the bookstore to see my old coworkers.
I parked in the back of the store and when in through the back. OMG, it felt so weird being in the store again. Thomas (the guy who took over my job was there and he has made changes to the back; I hardly recognized it. And all of the new people there, they were looking at me like, “Who the fuck is this?” I headed up to the front and saw Terri and Juan. They were really happy to see me. Terri is a grandmother now, that I couldn’t believe. Juan cut his hair short and has a goatee going on. That was weird. I showed them my grad pictures online and caught up on things. They have upgraded everything and do the inventory with Palm Pilots. That, I could not believe. After a while Frances came in, and I went over to her corner of the store to talk to her. She is a grandmother too. There were a couple of “old-timers” who worked at the store when I did that came up to talk to me. Little Justin is a 1st grade teacher and he is going out with ditzy Karen, who is going to be teaching middle school. Gene was there also. And I found out that Valerie is back in town and is getting married and that Neil and Cezner were also in town. Unfortunately, Carol wasn’t there so I missed seeing her. I will have to be sure to send her an e-mail this week. After an hour, Juan had to take off, so I gave him a ride to his car. He is still working on his various projects, but is looks like his comic book is almost ready. I told him that I would ask Suzanne and Angie if they would be interested in helping out. Suzanne is a good artist, even though she isn’t drawing much these days. And of course her photo shop skills. And Angie mentioned to me once that she is looking for projects to build up her web portfolio. We’ll see if they are interested or not.
Anyway, drove up to Vacaville and stopped off at the car wash to get my car cleaned (can’t show off a dirty ca, now can I) The car people did a crappy job though. There were several spots on the car and I didn’t leave a tip. Not like I am coming back to Vacaville just to get my car cleaned, so I won’t have to worry about it getting keyed or anything.
After that, I headed up to Sacramento and stopped off at Fry’s up there. Sac’s Fry’s is so sad though. All of the other Fry’s have some kind of theme going on (Egyptian temple, wild west, train station) while the Sacramento one looks like a Costco. It’s sad really. Well, I went there looking for Dance Dance Revolution for the PC.. But I asked a sales person and they said that the release date got pushed back. Their web site didn’t have any info either. Why do I want to get this? Well, Suzanne friend Jason has been playing this with his friends, and he has lost a lot of weight playing this. So besides loosing weight, I’m hoping that it will teach me some rhythm (since I have none). I think that I will try calling to see when it will be released. I guess I could just buy a PSX and the game but I don’t want to by a game console, esp an old one. And with my budget, PS2’s are still too much.
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