I am Joe’s Topic #4 – Gripes about the new place

1) The floors. I like the fact that the floors are hardwood. What I don’t like is that all of my socks are stained orange cause of the cheap varnish that they put on the floor. My pants are kinda orange too. 😛
2) The laundry room. Not happy that the laundry room is like tow buildings over. Not really THAT far away. What I am mad at is that there are only 4 washers and 4 dryers for 36-48 families. That is not enough. And the washers/dryers that we do have are crap. I am thinking that I am going to have to goto the laundrymat to do laundry. The one thing about living with Justin is that although it was overpriced, he had a damn good washing maching and dryer. I could just go up to Suzanne’s to do laundry (like I’ve done before)but I don’t want to be a mooch. I would clean in return for doing laundry, but I promised Suzanne that I wouldn’t clean her house anymore.
3)The windows. I wish that the windows would have come with screens. Even though we live in the coldest part of San Francisco, every flying bug has made it’s way into the house.
4)The parking space. I’ve already bitched about this before, but the parking space we have is WAY to small. I should take pictures of it.
5)My cell phone. I have the worse cell phone reception in this house. I don’t know if it is the abestos or what, but it is just crap. The point of getting a cell phone was so I wouldn’t have to pay for long distance on the reg. phone. But I think in a couple of months I will break down and get the long distance so I can talk to Suzanne without the line going in and out or cutting out.
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