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Gripes about the new car.
1) The Stereo system. The first problem is the faceplace. I am so afraid that I am going to lose it. I’m not use to carrying it around with me. Thinking that if I can find a slightly bigger cell phone case, then I can slide it in with the cell. I wish there was a way to clip it onto my keychain or something.
The second thing is the fact that I can’t use my Nomad jukebox MP3 player in the car cause there is no tape player. I have heard about something called a FM modulator that is like a tape adapter for a CD player, except that it plays music from you MP3 player to a FM station. Thing is that I haven’t been able to find one. I found an U.K. site that sold them, but it looks like I would have to build it myself (not sure if I have the skills to build it). Wonder if Radio Shack has it already built. I guess I could just burn a CD with my favorite songs on it. I would put my CD writer to some use. Not sure if the CD player can read CD-R and CD-RW.
2)The windshield wipers. I am not used to having a rear windshild wiper. So I am still figuring out how to turn them on and off. It’s very comedic in a sad sorta way.
3) Dirt and stains. What is it about a new clean car that birds want to shit all over it. I did use some Armor All protectant inside of the car. But I need to Scotch Guard the seats and stuff. There is already a mysterious chocolate stain in the back seat. >:-(
4) The parking space. The parking space that we have is small to begin with. What makes it even worse is that there is a pillar that I come inches to hiting every time that I park. And it doesn’t help that in the parking spots next to ours are two huge SUV’s. I only use the spot on Tuesday’s when I have to bring the van. Otherwise, I park on the street.
5) The licence plate/registration. Still waiting for that stuff to come in. Do I have to go in and fill out paperwork. I thought that it was done automaticly for you. The other thing is that I wanted a personal licence plate. I was thinking either tygreyes, blu tygr, Geo, Blue Geo, or Blu Geo. But according to the web site, all of them are taken. How is Blu Tygr taken?
Car has already reached the 1000 mark. Giving it the road trip treatment this weekend has I travel up to Susanville to visit Lesa and Kurt. That will def. be fun and break the car in.
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