I am Hulkamania running wild through Joe…

Mark is sinigng the Hulk Hogan song right now. Ah, the Hogan renaisance…I’m surprised that he is still so popular. I saw him wrestle on TV. Gawd, he is so old; it like watching in slo-mo.
Anyway, after work headed to the store to help out with cap/gown again. Want to goto an early showing of Star Wars tomorrow, but will head to my insurance to take care of that. **sigh** Not looking forward to it. Then in the afternoon, hopefully, I can get my bed up to my room. Will also work on Mike’s computer and try to get it networked and stuff. Then that night, will go see the new Hugh Grant movie, maybe with Mary if she can get out of work.
Did random journals and somehow got to a community that reviews journals. I want to submit my journal, but I know that it would get ripped apart. I really need to work on it; better design/colors, better content.
Current mood: chipper
Current music: Judge Joe Brown on TV

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