I Am Joe’s Tired Ass…

But at least I was able to get the DSL working again. WHOOHOO!!!!!
**yawn** but I am so tired. After work, I stop by the store to pick up the Wireless DSL router. At the store, I saw Reina and we started talking and ended up shopping at Home Depot and Target. Spent about $50 total, but I am returning some things. Well total, I have spent about $300 in bills and stuff for the home. Still haven’t got insurance yet. **sigh** I hope that I can find some less than $200; like around $150. But I’m not getting my hopes high.
Was going to see Star Wars tomorrow night at midnight, but Angie called me and told me that all of the midnight showings in the city are sold out. 🙁 Will wait until the weekend and see it with the girlfriend on Sat. Hopefully, she can get tickets…
Well, Mike is out at the library and I am working on copying his CD’s to my hard drive. I should work on his computer. I tried to upgrade it to Windows 98, but it got real ugly. He has a Dell that he got from his Dad. But it is so old; Pentium II 266, 64MB RAM, 6GB hard drive. I tried to install Win 98, but it didn’t go well. I need to download a shit load of drivers for his stuff (His dad didn’t give him a backup CD or anything.) Anyway, I will worry about that tomorrow or Thursday.
I need to watch out about copying new CD’s to my hard drive; heard about all these CD’s that kill computers, PC’s and Macs. Yuck.
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