I am Joe’s new car…

So the big event this weekend is the new car that I got. 2002 Ford Focus ZX3. I didn’t plan on getting a car when I went car shopping, I just wanted to get prices. But they offered me a deal that I couldn’t refuse. **sigh** I am still in shock that I am driving a new car and not the Metro anymore. I had the Metro for 10 years, so it was hard to give up. But I love my new car. Will talk more about the car and pictures later.
Was suppose to goto Twin Peaks to see KFOG’s Kaboom! fireworks with Tim, Renee and some other people. But decided instead to drive up to Antioch to show off my car to Suzanne’s family. Besides flaking on Tim again (I have to go see Dave Chapelle now or he will never forgive me), I got the extreme pleasure of seeing Suzanne and her sister get into a major fight. Her sister, Kimberlee, had a really good point, in that Suzanne doesn’t do any of the house work and is basicly mooching off of her mom. But the way that Kimberlee tried to get Suzanne to clean was wrong (This included threathing to beat Suzanne up). Suzanne didn’t help with the one-liners that she was throwing at her sister.
So it isn’t my family or anything, but when I still lived at home after high school, I paid my parents rent whenever I could. But mostly I did the cleaning in our house and stuff around the house. Suzanne seems to think that Kimberlee should do the cleaning since she has a less demanding job (she is working at JoAnn fabrics). My question is once Kimberlee starts the electriction program, then Suzanne can’t use that excuse, since Kimberlee will be working two jobs. I really do think that Suzanne should do more around her house, regardless if she doesn’t like to clean or hates it. But that’s my opinion.
Anyway, I have more stuff to worry about, like paying all of my bills. I will still have money left over, but not much. Once I get the bed paid off in 3 months, then I will have extra money comming in. Hopefully, my insurance won’t be too much. **blah**
My room in the new place is comming along nicely. Everything is put away, but there are things that I still need to buy. **sigh** The DSL is turned on on the 14th. I’ve ordered the wireless dsl gateway/router/hub whatever it’s call. Thinkning that I should just get a regular wired one and force Suzanne to connect in my room. But I’ve already ordered the thing, so I guess I will keep it when it gets here.
What else? Dave Matthews is a week away; Star Wars is a couple of days away, and graduation is two weeks away. It seems that everything is happening at once; I’m not sure if I can handle it all. I am very worried that I am going to trip up somehow. I guess I should just take one day at a time.
Suzanne suttlely (talking pregnant bull moose suttle) pressuring me into the military. **sigh** Usually, it bothers me, but I’m letting it slide. I know that she means well and all.
Right now her and her mom are playing Diablo together. It’s very cute. Speaking of, I need to go and to call my mom.
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