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I am such an internet addict that I drove all the way to the top of the hill to the resident center to use the DSL in the office center. **sigh** can’t wait until next week when my DSL gets set up.
Anyway, the rest of today went really well. My parents have changed their mind yet again and are now flying down to Sac for my graduation. I didn’t tell them about the car yet; thought that I would surprise them. I did tell Eric though. They are def. giving my money for a graduation present, but I kinda want to know how much. $2000 would be really nice, cause it would cover the down payment for the car. Expecting $1000 which would be good too; I could pay off the bed and put the rest into my savings account. $500 would suck big time. I am such a greedy ashole. I really don’t care if I do or don’t get a present from my parents. But then again, I guess I do care. Does that make me a bad son? Also found out that Dad is going back to Virginia for a reunion at the end of July. I wish that I could go with him, but with all of my new bills that I’ll have starting next month, not sure if I can.
Well, Suzanne and I took her mom to the Taco Bell on the beach in Pacifica for a mother’s day lunch. Traffic was bad at the bay bridge, so we stopped @ Ikea for an hour or so. Got some prices on furniture for our new place. Need to go with mike so we can decide on stuff and pick it out. Mike is busy until after finals though. And not really too sure how much he wants to spend on stuff. I’m hoping that we can go 1/2 on things, but with the car payment on the way, looking for free stuff on craigslist is looking better and better.
Anyway, so we had lunch and walk on the beach for an hour. It was a really good time and I’m glad that Suzanne and her mom let me spend the day with them. The next time I go, I have to remember to bring my camera and take pictures.
Well, has soon as I get online again, I will have pictures of the new place, the new car, maybe pictures of the Dave Matthews concert and pictures of graduation.
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