I am Joe’s anxiety attack…

Starting to get a little worried about work. Have a sneaking suspision that I might have waited too long to place merch. bag order. Also have a week to find and purchase counters for buyback. Did I mention that I have no idea of what I am doing.
Decided to scrap the wireless network idea and just use phone wire and ethernet cable. Too much money to do wireless. DSL activated on the 14th; should be ready by then.
Room is still in state of confusion. Problem is lack of storage space. Need to work on that, along with the neverending saga over grad. announements.
Saw Vampire Hunter D – Bloodlust anime movie last night. Talk about kicking ass; a really good anime. I might have to buy a copy myself. Also have a free pass somewhere for the new Hugh Grant movie. That’s what I’ll probably do tomorrow.
**sigh** So much to do, so little time and inspiration to do it with
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