I am all of the stuff that Joe needs to update…

So much to update. Well, the rice cooker has officially been moved from 152 Onondaga to Font Blvd, so that means that I have finished moving. I typed out a couple of entries on my computer that talks about the move, so I will just wait until I get DSL working to back date those post.
Grad. Announcements are comming along. Should be done and sent out if I continue with the pace that I’m working at. There is just so much to say to people, that it is taking me forever to write the personal notes. That and the fact that I am still organizing stuff in my new place.
Computer at home is up sans internet access. Was going to do a total wireless network, but it’s going to be too much for me, so need to start measuring walls to figure out how much cable I will need.
Still no T.V., which is good and bad. Mike will have to get the T.V. Want him to get a dish, but not sure how much he has to spend. Might have to settle for basic cable 😛
Work is starting to pick up a bit.
Was planning on writing more, but I think the caffenie high that I was on is going down.
Hmmm. Well, this weekend I will be alone since the girlfriend is going to Michael W. Smith concert. Hopefully, I will use the time wisely by unpacking everything and geting misc. stuff done. Will also goto KFOG Kaboom! thing on Sat. Night. with Tim and Renee. Should be good times.
**sigh** really need to get stuff done here.
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