I am Joe’s Moving service….

So the big move is on back to Park Merced. Mike and I signed our souls away our lease yesterday and we hammered out details like cleaning schedule, who gets the parking space, and how loud can you make your girlfriend scream before it is too loud.
So tonight, I am helping Mike move his stuff to the place @ 8:30p.m. I hope he got a hold of PG&E to get the electricity turned on. I called Pac Bell and the phone line should be working. Just need to make an appointment for them to get the DSL part working and I will be in business.
So I have no electricity in my room. Justin took out the ceiling fan/light yesterday for some reason. And the spot in the wall that was getting hot left a burn mark. So I have to run an extension cord from the bathroom to my room for power. Ghetto or what. Anyway, I will def. be out of my old place by next week. I have friday off, so I will move most of my small stuff. Then Friday night, I will take the van up to Antioch to get the futon from Suzanne. Then Sunday I’ll move the bed, desk, and dresser and then later that week, I will clean the room and that will be that.
I also got some computer stuff. **sigh** Such a bad boy. Anyway, I got a new power source for my computer with an adjustible fan speed, to help quiet my computer. I also got some stealth case fans and some rounded IDE and floppy cables. Am hoping that this will quiet my computer enough so that I can leave it on at night.
What else? Thinking about having Suzanne pay off my bed on my JCPenny’s card. (about $300) and then buying a T.V. on the card. The thing is that Penny’s doesn’t really have a selection of T.V. (on line anyway.) And the store @ Tanforan doesn’t have an electronics dept. at all. I wonder if I could get credit @ Sears, Curcuit City, Best Buy, or Fry’s? Does Fry’s have a credit card? **sigh** that is such a bad and evil idea.
Well, it is after 5pm and I should get home to pack somemore things. Wonder if I will cave into hooking up a moden for dial-up? Blah….
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