I am Joe’s continued wierd feeling….

This has just been a generally wierd feeling day for me. It also seems like the day has dragged on forever. 15min and then I take off to make the last run to the store. I have to stop by the house to let Justin in so that he can change the fan. Curious thing is, he called me to let me know that he was going to get a rental car, but I could have sworn that the called ID said that the call came from my room.
Anyway, I need to meet Mike at 6:30 to sign the least for our new place, and then we are going to hammer out all of that good roommate stuff like chores and how loud can you bang your girlfriend in your room. **sigh** This box of graduation announcements needs my attention also. Maybe I’ll head to Barns & Noble or Starbucks and work on them there. Also need to bring some boxes home and start packing.
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