I am Joe; worried and sick…

So I get home and there is the guy who was with Dr. Tam (the owner of the building that I live in) They are outside talking and stuff and I go in and tell Justin, assuming that he already knows. Justin goes outside and starts talking/yelling at the guy and finds out that Dr. Tam is selling the house, without telling him.
So I have been screwed. I should have signed a lease, but I was in such a rush to find a place. I had put it off for so long cause of school and I just wanted to move immediately. So on top of financial aid and needing a new car, I need to start looking for a new place to live. **sigh** I need to start saving for a deposit again. Part of me is kinda worried…O. K. a lot of me is worried. I still haven’t gotten a credit check, so I still don’t know how bad my credit is. It can’t be too bad if J. C. Pennys gave me a credit card. And I really liked the location of this place; it was centrally located to everything for me: the school, work, library, food, shopping, mail, freeway, BART. It will be hard to find a place like this.
But I guess this is part of growing up and living in the “Real World”. Anyway, I have one lead on a new place. I just need to call Michael, my old house mate from Park Merced. Oh God, Dave Matthews 2hrs a day, 7 days a week. I think that I am going to fix me some soup first and calm my nerves a bit.
Current mood: worried
Current music: News on T.V.

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