I am still groggy Joe…

STILL groggy from the Nyquil that I took yesterday. Spent most of last night tossing and turning; don’t remember much, but I think that I made alot of noise. At least it seems that my cold is breaking up.
Today, I went to the Dodge dealership to wait for Mark cause we were bringing the company vn in to get it’s breaks checked. OMG Not a minute after I arrive, than a Dealership Vulture swoops down and starts to peck on my body. UGH, I’m sorry; but at 9am in the morning, it is just unnatural for ANYBODY to be as friendly as he was trying to be. I was so glad when Mark came. **sigh** Just another reminder of how I hate car shopping; but it is something that I will have to do soon.
Anyway, after an hour wait to check in the van, we decided to go next door to the Lucky Chances Casino for breakfast. The breakfast was cheap and wasn’t half bad. We did not pay anything, but I could see why Mark and Peter head out here after work from Polly Esters. It is a pretty casual place; not as imtimidating as a Las Vegas or Reno casino can be.
Well, it is still slow here at the warehouse. Sent mark home already, but I will probably stay unitl 5pm counting stuff. Also need to research stuff for Rob. Blah, blah, blah.
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