I am Joe battling his cold…

The battle against this latest cold infection is hopefully entering it’s final stages. I found my Tylenol Cold/Non Drowsy, which is not quite working cause I am feeling a little woosy right now. No operating large equipment for me today. Hope I can get rid of this cold completely by this weekend.
Work continues to be slow. Sent Tim home early, and I am here waiting for UPS to come. I have a bit of paperwork that I need to work on.
Tonight, I will work on my graduation announcement and getting addresses on them. Will def. have to cut my list down since they didn’t ship all of the announcements that I asked for.
Birthday is coming up, but with the whole having to look for a new place hovering in the air, not really in the mood to celebrate. Can’t wait to I get paid so that I can pay bills and mail off birthda presents to friends.
I am in such a vampire mood. I want to grab someone and just bite them in the neck and suck out their blood in the hopes that I can suck out their blood and energy, so I’ll stop feeling so listless.
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