I am Joe listening to my new Tenacious D CD.

And it Rawks!!!!
Trying hard not to laugh (cause I have a facial mask on) but this CD is so f*cking funny.
Anywho, tonight is e-mail night; need to respond to the few people who replied back to my last e-mail. Kinda discouraging actually. **sigh** Not like I’ve been the best at keeping in touch with others. What else? Was playing Diablo earlier and I accidentally exited the game after killing a sh*tload of monsters leaving a pile of magic stuff. Was not very pleased with myself.
Am taking Friday off to see the girlfriend. Plan is to visit the Apple Store in Palo Alto. I think that Joe and Will might be coming with us also. I secretly think that they are taking me just to sacrifice me to their Apple gods (me being the lowly PC user). Maybe we can take a detour to Fry’s on the way. Not that I need anything from Fry’s; well I won’t know what I need until I get to Fry’s to see what they have. No… can’t spend money…still haven’t bought graduation stuff yet.
Well the rest of this Easter weekend will be with Suzanne’s family. **sigh** IF someone came to me with a sledgehammer and smashed my kneecaps, I wouldn’t feel too bad. I sure that it won’t be THAT bad. Just bad.
O. K. Time to peel mask off…
Current mood: mellow
Current music: Tenacious D – F*ck Her Gently

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