I am Joe’s need for something to do at work

It is such a beautiful day outside today and there is nothing for me to do except watch the paint dry. No seroiusly, I am watching the painters paint the warehouse and watching the paint dry. It is that slow here. I sent Tim home early, and I actually have half a mind to go home and get my Diablo II CD so that I can play at work. Someone has to stay here until at least 3-4pm just in case a truck or other delivery comes. Lucky me….at least I have tomorrow off.
Tried to get tickets to the Giants game this weekend, but no go. Hopefully, something will open up later in the season. Still, Suzanne’s friend might have an extr ticket tonight behind home plate. **cross fingers**
Not sure how will I keep myself busy today. There are some inv stuff that I can do, I guess. Or just aimlessly surf the net for 3 hours. Or maybe I will sneak out early, if it get really bad.
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