I am Joe wanting to leave work RIGHT NOW…

**Sigh** All of the recieving is done for today, but there is a shitload of paperwork that won’t get done today. Basicly, I have to go through and clean up shit from other departments. Will def. wait until tomorrow. So instead, I am going to take off with Mark to take the last load of heavy stuff. Blah. Afterwards, I have to goto Sprint to pay my cell bill. I tried online, but it wouldn’t take my CC, something about my address.
What else. Got new DVD’s from Netflix; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Dancer in the Dark. I’m really excited about Dancer in the Dark with Bjork. I hope it’s a good movie. Crouching Tiger will be good, even though I will be watching it on my monitor. I wish I had a big screen TV to truly experience it. I will probably wait until this weekend to watch it with Suzanne, since she has never seen it. And since I jut love this movie, most likely Suzanne will hate it.
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