Xmas Update

Finals – Done. nuff said.
Xmas gifts – One bought; Jacket for Dad or Eric. Need to buy gifts for everybody. Will wait until I get up there (Washington State) to buy gifts for family. Suzanne’s gift I can get online.
Housing situation – placing all bets on apartment @ Twin Peaks. If I don’t get the place, I’ll need to either clean the Metro or to insulate the waehouse office. **sigh**
Work – need to meet with boss, also need to claen the warehouse and stuff.
Lord of the Rings – Metreon is all sold out. Hopeing that Suzanne can get tickets in Antioch. Hopeing.
Xmas cards – HA! I think it’s time for e-cards. Since Bluemountain charges now, I will have to find another site.
Computer/Hard Drive – I took it out, but then had to put it back in. Forgot to get the S/N and the P/N from the HD. **sigh** Anyway, I have to back up stuff; mainly pictures and emails. Everything else I think that I can erase. Hmm. I should also download a copy of PowerDVD and some other stuff since I’m not sure what kind of internet connection I will have. blah
Well, I should get started on Warehouse cleaning. I want to put the other desk in the office cause it’s getting too cold for the guys to be out there.
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