drunk and doen with finals.

I am done with finals…yah!!!
I guess I should be happy that this is my last semester in school after a decade of study. (You think that I’m kidding about the decade.) Anyway, I turned in some scribble for my final paper. I’m not even caring. I got B’s on the last two papers, so I should come out with a “c” in the class.
Just got back from Dan/Reina’s party and I’ve drunk too much. Esp. since I didn’t eat today except for some pizza that I had there. Just buzzed, that’s all. I really didn’t want to be there. Me being happy and ocialbe was just an act; the shots of tequilla and puckers hepled a bit. But walking home, I wonder if the water on my face was because of the rain or because of the tears on my face.
I need ot go to sleep now. But I still wonder if the water on my face is cause of the wain or cause of the tearsI cry.
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