Well, with the lovely help

Well, with the lovely help of my girlfriend, Suzanne,I have been scouring the SF housing market. O. K. Actually, I’ve only seen two houses today, but they both kicked ass. The first one actually has two rooms available, both are bigger than the room that I have now. The bottom floor one is an converted living room, so it has a fireplace and stuff. The upstairs one has huge ceilings. It was a really nice place and the apt. mgr. said that I can move in whenever.
The second place is in the Castro in a Victorian house. Really beautiful living room. The roommates seem nice and it is a bit cheaper than the other place, but there is no parking.
Actually waiting on a third call for one more place that is even cheaper. It is closer to work than the others, but it is located near the ghetto (3rd Street) so I’m not too sure about it.
*poop** stuff to do, stuff to do.
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