Japanese and mocha’s don’t mix.

It not like I had the Teriakyi and the mocha at the same time. I had the japanese and then took a nap. When I woke up, I went to the cafe to get a mocha to clear my head. But I guess the Japanese was still mostly in my stomach. Anyway, those were some wierd ass dreams that I had. I’m sure watching American Beauty didn’t help either.
So the system is back up for the store, so it’s time to play catch up with all of the stuff here. Fun, fun, fun. Not as cold as yesterday, but then, I have on more layers of clothing too. I let Tim have the day off, so it’s just Mark and I today. Guess I’ll wait on the paperwork until tomorrow then.
So I’m thinking breakfast at the Bayside Cafe right about now. Part of me really wants to get something different like an omelette or something, but I just really like my french toast. I think I will get a combo with no extras. That’s what I should do diet wise, just order reg. portions of food and to not supersize them.
**sigh** So tomorrow we are taking Mark out to lunch for his B-day. Need to decide on how liqured up I will let them get. And this weekend I feverlishly work on my paper. I have most of next week off so that will help alot as long as I keep focus and work.
I have a rant on stalking and territory that I wanted to post, but I’ve let it sit in my head for too long, so it’s not as developed as I would like it to be. What it comes down to is that an old high school friend is back in San Francisco. Actually, he has been back for awhile now, but I just recently found out where he works at. We are at opposite ends of the city, so I will most likely never see him. But what if? It kinda goes along the same way that I feel about this other guy in high school named Ivan who is an absentee father to his son. I swear that the day that I see him, I will be the living shit out of him. This is shit that has happened about 4-5 years ago, but I still want to do this. restiges (sp?) of my days of revenge and stuff. I still hold grugdes and stuff, but nowhere near as long as I used too. Getting wise or getting old I guess.
Anyway, I am off the topic and I have breakfast to pick up
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