What a long day. Started

What a long day. Started at 7am so that Icould get to work at 8am for inventory. The head of the inventory counters was 2 hours late, so we didn’t start until 10am. So much for the Price is Right. Anyway, all of the managers were nervous, esp. Rob (the GM). Even Amber was a bit antsy even though she was wearing her “Been there, Done That” inventory shirt. Well, we were done in about an hour, and and hour of the auditors and 100% accuracry. Woot Woot, as Suzanne would say.
So Rob took Amber, Tim and I out for lunch. We were going to goto the Russian House, which you can see off of 101 on your way to 3com and the airport f/ S.F. It’s one of those restaurants that you pass by and wonder what kind of restaurant it is and you make a promise to yourself that the next time you are passing by, you’ll stop to eat there, but you never do.
Well, we didn’t get to go. We went to the restarant and found out that it doesn’t open until 4-5pm. We later found out that it is for group functions (i.e. Russian Mafia) Anyway, we went to the Bayside Cafe that was next door. It is a really small cafe that I’ve actually been to before. One New Years Eve, I went to a rave with Mew and her friend David at the Cow Palace. Highlights of this night include getting rainned on 10 min before New Years, almost getting killed by a stampee of people, and getting drunk with some strangers. they had a carnival with a ferris wheel and other stuff. ANd if I remember correctly, KLF was the headliners.
Anyway, after the show, we had breakfast at this cafe. So this was the second time that I’ve been here. OMG this place was pretty good. It is very small; I would say maybe 50 people max. But the service was quick and the food was good. They are the only resaurant that I know of that has RC Cola for soda.
So after that, I headed back to the store to help with the count there. I am so tired of counting stuff. But I realise why this day has been so long for me. Last year, I only had to count the warehouse, and we were done by noon. The next day, I went to the Anime convention with Shawn, Marie, and her younger brother Ken. This is the first time that I have had to count both stores. Poop. I have to remember next year to take the day after inventory off.
Anyway, I have to be at the store tomorrow at 8am. If everyting is o.k., then I have to stay at the store and help with the count there. But if there were problems with the UPC’s on the merchandise and other problems, then I have to goto the warehouse and help fix them. Haven’t decided which is worse.
But tomorrow, Suzanne comes back from Europe. Damn, has it been two weeks already. I have to sober myself up, get rid of the drugs and sweep the condoms and the hookers out the door. Hahahaha. Anyway.
**yawn** Bookstore people went to the boathouse to get some brewski’s, but I declined. I think I migh do somemore scans, but I’ll most likely fall asleep. I wonder if I should force myself to stay awake for a couple of more hours just so I don’t wake up too early.
I can’t believe (going off on another tangent) how much happens in one day on LJ. It took me awhile just to read all the going on’s for just one day. Suzanne will have to take another vacation just to catch up on what’s been going on the two weeks that she has been gone.
**256MB PC2100 DDR – Get some now while it is cheap! – $49.95**
O.K. I gotta scrounge up some money for some more RAM
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