After a couple of naps,

After a couple of naps, running to the bathroom, and eating toast all day, my stomach seems to have settled down. I guess that I should be glad that I’m feeling better.
But I just saw some T.V. coverage of the Pride Parade and I feel like crap cause it looks like good times. The B-52’s are playing at the main stage and I know that there are tons of DJ’s at the other stages. **sigh** Well, I hope that Brent had a good time with his friends.
In other news, Suzanne called me from Switzerland. she was drinking vodka and I’m not sure if she was drunk or not. She is have a good time and she will be back home Thursday afternoon.
Part of me wants to take a shower and go down to the Parade, but it is already 5:00 and things will be wrapping up by time I got down there. Poop. I guess that I will find something to do around the house then.
Oh yeah, some bastard in San Jose won the lottery. I won jack shit. Poop
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