Random blah…

I am such a slave to my desires. I’ve been sick for most of the day, living off of toast and rest. So what am I having now but a milkshake (Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate covered Waffle Pieces, Chocolate, and Chocolate Truffles.) I just don’t have any willpower. I just d whatever pleases me.
Anyway, Brent found somemore pictures of my family that I needed to scan. So they are all done. Next, I move on to old highschool pictures. Most of those should already be scanned from last year when I was using Shawn’s scanner. I need to figure out a way to group them, though.
Played Half Life; got passed the tenticle thing and I think that I am nearing the end. I am really kicking butt in the game.
Matt< justin and their classmate are outside studying for their class. Makes me glad that I'm not taking summer school. But there is this smell, like jelly, that I keep smelling. I don't remember having jelly with my toast today. I wonder if one of the guys decided to fix a jelly sandwich...wait, it's Matt's pizza. I woner why I think I smell jelly instead of cheese? Current mood: busy
Current music: Bjork – Cover Me (remix)

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