Went and saw Rob…he is

Went and saw Rob…he is on the prowl talking to people about my situation. A relief on my part. I guess there are not a lot of Centennial Village supporters on campus. I am hopeful that Rob will be able to work something out for me.
Went to the library to see if I could pick up some books on lynching. Lucky me I was able to pick up some. I don’t have time to read them completely, but I should be able to skim them and find some cases to quote.
Also the network is back up, so I can go to the web site and look at the sources in regular text. The pages that I saved that were scanned are too blurry to read.
O. K. Time to fix some lunch. I’m thinking popcorn. 😛
P. S. Have a good time babein L. A. at the wedding. I’ll see you when you get back.
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