Well, Matt finally called me

Well, Matt finally called me to let me know that I didn’t get approved; I kinda figured as much. So what to do now…I figure that if I start working 40 hour weeks, which is what I was going to do, I can make 2 rent payments and so I would be able to cover my rent for the summer and could start paying back the rent that I owe. That’s if they let me do that. I’m also thinking about getting a second job on the weekends. I don’t want to go back to Baskin Robbins or anything. But a little extra money would be nice, especially now. **sigh** My paper is going slowly cause the network is down and I’ve been waiting for Matt to call, so I couldn’t go on dial up. I think that I will take a shower and then go see Rob and get my paperwork back. Maybe later I will call one of the numbers that the Rent Board guy gave me to set up a meeting. And I still need to get my license agreement in too. Don’t know how I’m going to sneak that in. **sigh** I need to focus on finishing this paper and for the rest of my finals. Not dealing with this crap.
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