Well, I’m not the only

Well, I’m not the only one who is having a problem with financial aid and Centennial Village. Someone from the Cashier office is going to make some calls and see if the University will give me a loan for the amount due. Rob didn’t say anything about talking to anyone from Centennial Village though. I guess they haven’t called back. The biggest thing that I am worried about is the eviction notice. If they go that route, then I don’t see any choice but to go to court. Tomorrow, I need to either call or go downtown to the places that the Rent Board suggested that I go to. **sigh** Perhaps the tiger will land on his feet yet.
Anyway the paper is going well, perhaps too well. I have over the 10+ pages that I need. But a lot of it is quotes and stories that I am cut/pasting on. I need to trim a lot of them and add more of my own thoughts into the paper. And I still need to incorporate the books that I got from the library.
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