If this episode has taught

If this episode has taught me anything, it’s that I still have more to do when it comes to my finances. I have curtailed the outlandish spending that I had in my earlier years. I still probably spend more than I should, esp. on eating out and stuff. And when I get depressed, I still sometimes go out on a mission to spend. But usually I just end up agonizing over it and don’t buy. And I do shop the bargain bins first before I look at the regular stuff. So I have matured somewhat, but I still have a long way to go. I mean, I should have more money in my saving. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought a new computer. But I justify that by the fact that my parents need a new computer and I want a computer that won’t go out of style in six months to a year. (Speaking of, I wish that the new parts would get here so that I can give them to Jason.) Anyway, I still have much more to do. One thing is the AOL account. I have it, but it is under Suzanne’s name and she uses it. I’m thinking about canceling it and having Eric make an account on the account that my dad has for him. That would save me a little money every month. Grocery shopping is another thing where I can pinch some pennies. I spend quite a bit on food, but I usually get stuff that is either frozen or non perishable. Still I end up throwing stuff away every couple of months. I have controlled myself from caving in to the buy one, get one free syndrome at Safeway. I look at the stuff and think about if I really need to get twice the stuff and if I’ll be able to eat it. The thing that I really need to do is start making my lunch. My problem is that I procrastinate and go to sleep when I should make my lunch for the next day. So when I am late in the morning, I don’t have lunch and have to get money out of the ATM for lunch.
I don’t know about the rest of the nation, but fast food, like Burger King and McDonalds is fucking expensive in the SF Bay Area
This episode has also made me realize that I need to go to Consumer Credit Counseling and get a credit report. I know that it is fucked up, but I’ve been afraid to look at it and see just how fucked up it really is. I need to make sure that everything is paid off and start trying to rebuild it.
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