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Classes were O.K. Found out that my paper can be late for U.S. History. But I think that I’m going to turn it in on time, unless it looks like I can get the 10+ pages. The final paper isn’t due to 2pm on tuesday and that can be turned in late too.
Reformation class, she wants to talk to me about the paper. Eeeek! Not good. And I still have one more book that I haven’t read yet for the class. Poop.
I looked over the licence agreement that I signed and it doesn’t look good. **sigh** Off to catch BART to goto the Rent Board to talk to them. Then I will goto Rob’s/Amber’s house to talk to Rob about it. I applied for a credit card at Travis Credit Union (my bank), but I don’t know if it got approve or not. Matt (my roommate) works for Wells Fargo and he said that tomorrow he would do the loan paper work for me and that if I got approved then I could have a check cut but noon. I can only hope that something will happen for me. I started looking at ads around campus, but they all want female roommates. O.K. I need to pray to the ATM and then catch BART to Downtown.
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