Today was the last day

Today was the last day of Aikido, and it actually went pretty well. I think the exercise of me being thrown around was good for me; I got a chance to get some new air in my lungs and expel the depressing and stressed out stuff that was inside. Anyway, I aced the written test and I think I did O. K. on my performance stuff. I’m sure that I will come out with at least a C if not a B. It mostly depends on how much my absents affect my grade.
Well with no class for Aikido, that frees up some valuable time for me this week and next. So on Thursday, I have all morning to either finish my paper for class at 12:30, or if I can get it finished on Wed. then I can study for my Beijing final that night. The Beijing final is open notes and book, but there is a lot of reading, so it would help if I read up on it first. And then next week, I have a little extra time before one of my history finals to study, and I will be able to work on those days too.
The paper is coming along. I changed it to lynching; it’s not what I wanted to do, but there are quotes and first person accounts that I can use. Not sure how many pages I can get out of it. If I can get 7-8, that would be good enough for me.
Rob called and left a message on my cell saying that he is staying at home to catch up on grading papers and stuff (in addition to being the bookstore GM, he is also a business teacher) so I think that I might go over his house today and talk to him and show him the documents and stuff that I have. I also need to go to the Rent Board today. It’s on Van Ness and Market; I will never find parking. Thinking about taking BART. I guess I could take it to the Civic Center and then walk a couple of blocks.
**sigh** First things first. I need to take a shower and get something to eat. The one Orange and Cream candy that I just had is not going to fulfill me. Was thinking about oatmeal, but I’ve had that for the last couple of days. The only thing left is Ramen; I guess I should have that since I will probably be eating a lot more in the days to come.
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