Rereading textbooks and forming my

Rereading textbooks and forming my paper in my head, I come across the novel Vox by Nicholson Baker. Must resist the urge to get sucked into it. I think that I should let Suzanne read it. The weird part id that one of the review notes on the back cover compares it to Ravel’s Bolero. I have had Bolero in my head all day long for some reason.
Anyway, Matt and someone else are watching the game outside. I’m just not that big of a sports fan, and I’m def, not the jock that Matt is. **sigh** I come home to beer all over the place and the house kinda messy. I can’t really say anything cause I haven’t done anything to keep the house clean.
O. K. time to go and see Suzanne. Meeting her in Vallejo for Mother’s Day. Her and her mom passed their motorcycle test. Yay!!!!
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