Back from Mother’s Day Brunch

Back from Mother’s Day Brunch with Suzanne and her grandmother. We went to Applebee’s and I had a Mudslide milkshake, a Bacon Cheeseburger and some shrimp. It was an O. K. mean, but it seemed like there wasn’t as big of a selection than the other times that I’ve gone.
Afterwards, we went back to Suzanne’s where her and I took a nap for a couple of hours. I love napping with her, holding her and stuff. It’s when we have to sleep for more than 4hrs that there are problems…
I left around 9pm and caught the last bit of traffic heading into the city. But it wasn’t too bad, and I got to see my view of the city. I love entering the city, whether it’s from the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate, or from the peninsula. I think that it’s the view that keeps me in the city.
Walking up to my apt., I saw my old roommate, Daniel and our friend Reina. It seems that Daniel’s roommate now is going through the same problem that I am going through with the mess up in financial aid and eviction. **sigh** Hopefully, I can get this taken care of tomorrow and it wont drag out.
Well, I am going to stay up late and start my paper. I’m hoping that I can spit out a page or two of BS before I go to sleep. I hope…
Current mood: gassy (phew!!!)
Current music: Vision Of Escaflowne: For Lovers Only Soundtrack

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