Where’s my sunshine

Well, it looks like the sun went back into hiding; no sunbathing for me. 🙁
Just doing cleanup stuff in the office. Peter should be on his way back with lunch. I told him to get the #1 from wherever he went. Wonder what it will be.
Putting price labels on stuff and surfing the net. Blah….At least my new computer is almost put together. I am going to drop the video card off and hopefully I can pick it up on Sunday.
I used to be a notorious nail biter when I was in elementary and middle school. I eventually stopped biting my nails, but now I chew on my cuticles. It’s not as bad as Gabi (she frickin chews to the bone), but it has gotten worse. I’m thinking that I will try taping up my fingers and seeing if I can top myself. I could also get that stuff that you use on kids to stop them from sucking their thumbs. I’ll have to try something.
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