Winding down….

Orders are packed and about ready to leave here. I think that is all the serious work that I’m going to do today. I might work upstairs with the accounting stuff. Maybe. The sun is starting to peek out a bit from the clouds; I’m think about just laying in the sun and catching some rays if it comes out completely.
Still having a hard time sleeping. Not sure what’s going on. Maybe it’s the stress that is going on in my life. HA! Anyways, if this keeps up, maybe I’ll get some sleeping pills to help me out.
At least my neck is feeling better. It is still a little stiff, but it has always been stiff. I have always been stiff, not able to relax. I am like a board, stiff and unflexible. I hate doing streching exercises cause people see me and I can’t bend over and touch my toes or anything and they think that I’m being lazy. It’s not that, I’m just not flexible. **sigh**
O.K. got to help peter load up blue books. Lift those will be my workout for today.
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