I really haven’t been updating

I really haven’t been updating this like I should. I do have my excuses. Schoolwork is piling up on me. I’m letting it though. I haven’t finish my paper that’s due today in 30 min. Another late one. If I can get a C on it, I should be O. K. Actually I won’t since I need to get a B in this class. But I don’t care. Let’s see, I need to retype my essay question, I need to go to Borders and write up a report on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon using the book that they have. I’ve seen the movie twice, but my notes are crappy and I need to get names and places down. I also need to work on my Internet paper, that I have actually done nothing on. Since my weekends are taken, I’m thinking that I’m going to have to take some time off of work to get stuff done. I can really take anything off until the first week of May. Maybe if I take the 27th through the 2 off. I think I might have enough leave time to do that. I’ll have to think about it.
Poop. Not even this sunbeam is helping my mood. And Matt is irritating me. He is becoming the messy roommate that he said he wasn’t. This morning there were two pairs of smelly tennis shoes and socks out in the living room in addition to his dinner that he left out in the living room. he had Uncle Ben’s (**shudder**) and some other stuff. And then there is Justin; man talk about stinking up a bathroom. And he doesn’t flush the toilet all the way; our toilets are stupid in that you have to hold it down a long tine before they flush. I wonder if he is mad at me cause I stay up late. Hmph; Well I told him the first night that he was here that I stayed up to 1 or 2 am and he said that he did the same, even though I haven’t seem him stay up pass 12 am. And he snores too. Poop.
I should just shut up. I’m just being moody towards them cause while I was working on my paper, they were all outside watching Tom Green and JackAss. **sigh** I always have one roommate that has the stupidest laugh. **sniff, sniff** I think I smell Uncle Ben’s; YUCK!!! But I’m just hating cause they seem to be so much closer. As usual, I am the outsider. Whatever.
I don’t really feel depressed, just blah. Actually, there have been several journals that I have wanted to comment on, but I’ve refrained. Better to keep to myself; or is it. I should look to the future. Almost all the part for my new computer are here; the case should be here tomorrow. I still need to go to Fry’s and get some small stuff, like a ethernet card and a modem. I also still need to get the graphics card; **sigh** I’m STILL torn on that issue. And my birthday is coming up; I was planning on doing something big, but as usual, I think it will be something small and low key. Maybe Suzanne and I can escape to Monterey, who knows.
O. K. I need to shower and go to class
Current mood: blah
Current music: Listening to KYLD 94.9 on the radio

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