Just kinda waking up now. I’ve been back home for a couple of hours, but the walk from the BART station to my place carrying all of my luggage took a lot out of me. I got home and was dozing on the bed, when I thought I felt an earthquake. So I went to turn the TV on, but there wasn’t anything, so maybe it was teh downstairs neighbors. I stayed out on the couch and watched Kathy Griffith Temptation Island special. Talk about funny stuff. I am all caught up on the show and I think that I just might turn in on Wednesday for the finale.
Well, dinner with Barry and Gabi turned out to be a great success. I was really worried about it, like they wouldn’t get along or disapprove of her or she would disapprove of them. But everybody got along and took turns teasing and taunting Joe. **sigh** Anyway, dinner at Cattleman’s was excellent. The steak was a little undercooked, but it just tastes SOOOO GOOD. MMMMM. Well, my steak desire is now quenched for a couple of months.
The only thing that sucked was sleeping last night. I had a couple glasses of wine and some Hefeweizen, and so I was a little buzzed going back to Suzanne’s. Anyway, All I did was just toss and turn on her bed and I almost pushed her off a couple of times. The thing is that I woke up in the middle of the night and realized what I was doing, and then I went back to sleep and did it again. Neither one of us got much sleep. So this morning, I woke up and went out to the living room to watch my Escaflowne DVD’s so she could get some sleep. The thing (I think) is that her house is too cold for me; I get very cold easily and her house was freezing.
Anyway, overall I had a really good weekend. It’s a good thing because I just got a message from Randy today that he thinks that my original financial aid check came. SO I have to go over and see if it is the real deal. If it is, then tomorrow I have to see if I can stop the stop payment on the original check. Oy Vey.
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