At Work….

Listening to Dave Chappelle. Saw him at the Punchline once; funny as Hell…
Work is going O.K. so far. Only one order that has come in. The thing that I need to work on is tires for my car. One is almost gone (You can see the metal fibers poping out), the reg. size spare has a leak somewhere. Some of the other tires aren’t looking too good either. I need to call around to see if anybody has tires in stock for my little Metro. Usually, they don’t. **hic**
I’ve had the hicups for about 10-15 min. now. It’s not helping that I’m laughing my ass off too. **hic**
I need to stop somewhere and get a new light. I think that I read somewhere that plenty of light can help with depression. and my room is pretty light. I also need to move the bed away from the computer; I think it will help me stop procrastinating since I will have to get out of the bed to use the computer. We’ll see.
Current mood: jubilant
Current music: Dave Chappelle – Killin’ Them Softly

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