Just finish moving my CD

Just finish moving my CD collection to my new CD case. All 108 Cd’s. And I have a slew of new ones on the way…
Watch The Last Emperor in class tonight. I made it sound like a chore or something since I watch it at least once every semester, but it is a good movie. I left about 2/3 of the way, but I might pick up the DVD this weekend to watch the rest of it.
I get home and had an interesting conversation with Michelle, Jason’s ex-girlfriend. Jason is Serraph’sbest friend. Anyway, Michele has a friend who needed to get to San Ramon (Michelle is in Concord). She was trying to get a hold of Jason, who is in Berkeley so she could get him to drive her and her friend to San Ramon. The reason she couldn’t drive is because she had taken some Nyquil. Well, I offered to drive from S.F. to Concord to take her friend to San Ramon. But she said no and said that she was going to drive to Berkeley to see if Jason was there. Now, Berkeley is the opposite direction of San Ramon. And then the fact that she is going to drive to Berkeley after she had taken Nyquil. Part of me thinks that something is up, but then another part of me hopes that she changes her mind because it would be dangerous for her to drive if she did take the Nyquil.
Talked to Matt just now. We both like wrestling!!! Whoo Hoo. We are going to go to WWF Raw is War when it comes back to the bay area. Anyway, this weekend we are going to Wards to get a TV for the place. Matt is a cool guy (with a nice bod too. I’ll have to take pics) and I’m glad that he’s my roommate. I just hope that the other roommate we get is just as cool.
O.K. I need to clean the bed and then I should go to bed. Am thinking about making a run to KKD tomorrow, but it depends on how early I get up, so it probably won’t happen.
Current mood: good
Current music: New Edition – Can You Stand The Rain

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