Where’s My Coffee!!!!

At work waiting for peter to show up with the coffee so I can go over to the Deli and get some breakfast.
Matt will be gone tonight, so I will have the whole apt to run around naked in. Whoo Hoo!!!
Actually, I will probably just work on stuff. Especially school stuff. So boring, I know. I was expecting my Escaflowne DVD’s, but they aren’t getting here until tuesday. Blah.
I have this urge to do a legacy project here at the Warehouse. Some big project that will impress the hell out of everybody. The first thing that comes to mind is the upstairs room. It’s where we keep all of the bookstore paper work and it is just a mess. If I could organize that, whoa… But that is def. a big project; I don’t know if I want to waste THAT much time.
Did I mention that I was waiting for coffee?
**SIGH** Let me go and find something to keep myself busy until Pete gets here.
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