So I had this dream

So I had this dream this morning some time that I was in a room with these three guys and one of them had converted to Christianity. So he was explaining to these guys about it and I was like WTF!?! I don’t remember the exact reasons that he converted, but I wanted to just debate with him about it so bad. But he kept on talking and I couldn’t interrupt. I would try but he just still kept on talking. I eventually woke up and realized that I was listening to one of those early Sunday Morning talk shows. So the guy who was talking was the son of Jim and Tammy Fay Baker. For you youngins, they were there televangelist down in the south. Jim got caught with his secretary and Tammy had something going on with a A/C dog house or something. The big thing wit hTammy was the amount of make-up that she wore. Anyway, I guess their son was a alcoholic for awhile and he is also a punk guy and has this punk/Christian outreach program. Once I woke up and started listening to him, it became a little more clearer. He not one of those “cram Christianity down your throat” Christians. It was pretty interesting…
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