A Real update maybe…

Well, I am just now really waking up. I don’t even remember passing out last night, although I do remember waking up every couple of hours for a few minutes before I went back to sleep again.
Well, I cleaned up the wires behind the computer, so it’s not so quite a fire hazard. Now I can type and use my mouse from the bed. Once again I have to give props to Microsoft and it’s optical mouse technology. I’ve used this mouse on a book, on a carpet, on a wall, and now on a bedspread. The only other mouse that I have loved was my Gyro Mouse. This is what the current version looks like. The one that I had was before wireless mice were around. But it had an extra long cord and you could either use it on your desk or you could pick it up and use it. It took a while to get used too, but once I did, talk about lazy city. I would be on my bed using this thing.
So I have the high-speed Internet, but it is kinda fishy. I was on CNET and I used there Internet speedometer to see just how fast a connection it was and said that I was only going 58kbps. WTF!?! But I know that I am going faster than that cause pages are loading quickly, esp… ones with pics on them.
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