The pictures I took

I took these early this morning. I had just enough energy to take these and then went back to sleep for an hour.
** Note: The pictures are in the “pic for the web” folder on my Yahoo! Photos page. I tried to link directly to the pics, but yahoo is being stupid about it. You can also see all of my other pictures, like my new apt, and pics of my mom’s cats in Washington.**
I like the second one better. The first one I auto balanced it and then saved it under the same name instead of changing it. I usually wake up an hour or so before my alarm and just sit in bed thinking about stuff. That would be a great time for a LJ chip that plugs into your head.
Anyway I’ve done a couple of emails, and talked to some people online. I think that I’m going to go to sleep. See you guys in a week. (Except you April, I’ll probably be up Tuesday night after 8 to drop off you DVD)
Current mood: discontent
Current music: The hum of the computer

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