I am so drunk right

I am so drunk right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this bad and it feels so good. There was a party at Karen’s apt on the 3rd floor and I heard them call me. So I went, and I had a good time. Peter was getting his mack on with Jessica and Karen. He’s still at the party with Karen. I personally think that he would be better with Jessica, but I think Jessica has secrets that she hasn’t told yet, so maybe Karen is the better choice. I am so drunk right now, I’m amazed that I can stilll type. Tommorow going to be a bitch esp since I have to move my car tommorow. OK I should get some sleep/ But I have to put this stuff down:
Jessica had a boyfriend in SLO and she likes to have her lip bitten and tugged on.
Helda is from Guatelama and she has a boyfriend in the east bay
The person next door is having a super bow; party, but his TV is only 20″
The girl named liseeteee(?) got drunk and was throwing up in the bathroom. SHe work s at a Olive garden.
Ok. Bed time for Joe.
Current mood: drunk
Current music: Fugees – Killing Me Softy

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