There is always so much

There is always so much that I want to say, then something grabs my attention and then I forget what I was going to do….
Anyway, I believe that is it Chinese New Years today; I thought that it was tomorrow. I should see when they are having the parade and go see it. That’ll be something cool to do before school starts…
**sigh** School. I went to price my books. OMG!!! 15 books at a total of $225 for ONE CLASS!!!! Why did I ever become a history major? I think that I will go to class first to see if I really need all of those books. If I do, then I am going to try to get into another class. I’ll have to dig out a schedule to see if there is another class I can take. This is going to totally fuck up my schedule.
Back to the Chinese New Year, according to the astrology book:
2001, The Snake Year – The Snake wishes you no ill but he cannot abide your hasty, rushing-river approach to life. It Makes him dizzy. You can expect a slowdown in almost all your activities, but don’t panic – better to take a few trips, see some new places and learn how to coast along without taking yourself too seriously. You are a speed demon living in the year of ponderous, philosophical Snake. Don’t expect much in the way of income, but love – oh gosh, yes. You’ll have oodles of love in the Snake year. Love is what the Snake is all about.
Hmmm. Does this mean that Serraphand I are getting back together? Does this mean that I am going to have fling after fling? Is it pointless for me to try to save money and I should just blow it on a big screen Sony Vega TV(or Wega, I’ve see both spellings. Maybe I should go to the Sony site to see how they spell it.) and a PS2.
Whatever. While Randy was typing his stuff up for ILM, I was reading a book called In the Heart of the Valley of Love by Cynthia Kadohata. For some reason, I thought about Kabuki and was imagining her has the lead character, Francie. Hmmm. This book is one of the books that I had to read for Cobene the Bastard. He was an English teacher that I fell in love with, but that turned to hatred. Let’s not even go down that path.
Anyway, the story is about this teenager growing up in semi-apocalyptic Los Angeles. There is not a straight plot line or anything. But the book itself is…I don’t know. It’s now exciting, but it’s not boring either. The book is about the characters and how they are surviving in the world. Although the setting is in the future, it’s only like 2050, and it seem even more real. I’m doing a bad job of describing the book, but it’s not a bad book to pick up.
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