The Financial Aid fiasco….

Well, I stoped by the old place today to get my mail and there was my financial aide check. Or so I thought. Actually it was a statement saying that I owed $1,500. It seems that both SFSU housing and the Centennial viliage where i live now billed me for rent for spring semester. So I called SFSU housing and they said it was because I didn’t send in my intent to leave letter in on time. If I remember correctly, they were were the ones that sent it late and I got it the day that it was due. Anyway, I have to call them at the end of the week to see what’s going on.
So if I get my money back, I def. have to put some into my savings acct. But I’m also thinking about getting a new computer. But I want it built. I figure that I can get a basic system build and then take the CDRW, the network cars, and the SB 5.1 out of the system that I have now and then send that to my dad. I would need to get a DVD drive or player though. Hmm. Well, first things first I guess. I need to get the money first before I start spending it.
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