What a ride…

I had one of the most erotic dreams about her last night. I mean it was so real; I woke up sore and sweating in my bed. And there is a drool stain on my body pillow…
Either that or man did the pillow give me good head.
But I mean I can feel every place where she touched me. I can feel where she lightly teased my ear lobe; the throbbing on my neck could only come from the hickey that is there now. I can trace the scratch marks that she left down my back; and I think I can feel the teeth marks where she playfully bit my love handle….
Man it sounds like I was mauled or something….
But I can smell her and taste her on my lips and tongue…I can still see every curve of her body in my eyes. There are a couple of strands of her hair that cling to me, refusing to let go of me. I can feel the body heat that we radiated slowly escaping me in the cold of my room…
But she wasn’t here. She was at her house home alone. And I was here in my room, alone. And it was all just an incredible dream that I had. And that’s all it seems that it will be, an incredible dream that I gave up. A dream that I gave up in order to try and to save my soul and my life. I wonder if I should have stayed in the dream?
Meanwhile, I have a body pillow to clean up…..
Current mood: contemplative
Current music: Madonna – I Want You

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